Bluff View Christian School

School Adventures

Our Snowfort

Josh and I started building the fort.  We used two picnic tables, a big tube, sticks, and, of course, snow! 

Some of the other kids joined in to help, so we added another picnic table.  It is now 15 feet long and has three rooms.  We like to work on it everyday.

We read the book, "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen and are now reading "Brian's Winter."  "Hatchet" is about a boy who gets in a plane crash and is left alone in the Canadian Wilderness.  He learns how to survive on his own and gets rescued before the end of summer.  "Brian's Winter"  is about Brian's life in the wildnerness if he didn't get rescued and had to live all winter on his own.  Maybe Brian would build a snowfort like ours - except just use branches and snow!

By:  Bo and Josh - grade 6


Our "Back-to-School" Fieldtrip

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Berglund took us out on their pontoon boat on Rest Lake in Manitowish Waters, WI.  We got to go fishing, swimming, and out for ice cream.  We even saw a wolf on the way home!  It was a GREAT day!

By:  The class