Bluff View Christian School


Bluff View Christian School prepares students K-8 to enter high school academics as well as to be well-rounded, active members of their community.

We use the following prepared curricula:

Mathematics:  K-6  Harcourt Math
                           7  McDougal Littell Passport to Mathematics
8  McDougal Littell Passport to Algebra and Geometry

Science:  North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists curriculum

Reading/Language Arts:  Kendall-Hunt Pathways

Social Studies:   K-3  McMillian/Magraw-Hill
                           4-8  Prentice-Hall World Studies and The American Nation

Bible:  North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists curriculum

Art, Music and Physical Education are  worked into the Social Studies theme currently under study.

All  curriculum is enhanced with teacher-prepared activities, guests, and projects.  Parental involvement is encouraged and appreciated.