Bluff View Christian School





        Why do I like coming to Bluff View Christian School? I'll tell you why. My favorite part of coming here is having more recess than at public school. My favorite subject is writing because I like writing stories. My second favorite subject is reading. I love reading books like Yuki and A Gold Star for Eric. These are some things I like about Bluff View Christian School.

Keegan B., grade 4
      I love this school because we get to do all sorts of things- here's some of them. Every Wednesday from January 13th to February 24th we go skiing at Mt. Zion. We leave at 2:00 and go until 6:00. It's a whole lot of fun.
      Another thing we have is a sticker chart. When we keep up letters at the end of the day for doing good work, we get a sticker on the chart. When we get all the stickers up we do something special. I really love this school.

Nick H., grade 5

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